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I belielve that the added peice was part of his symphony no.9

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Q: What piece of Beethoven music was included as a sample music file in Windows XP?
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Why beethoven's symphony is kept as default sample music in windows?

because it is cool

Was Beethoven a music inventor?

Beethoven was a music composer

Why is the Seattle Symphony's version of Beethoven's symphony no 9 on every Windows Computer. I know it's to demonstrate capabilities but why that particular version?

It is a sample piece to demonstrate the technical wonderment of Windows. Maybe it's because Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington, near Seattle, so they choose local music?

What is the name of the Beethoven music played in the film 'Beethoven'?

Beethoven's 5th.

Why do people enjoy Beethoven's music?

People enjoy Beethoven's music because it is beautiful.

What aircraft carries Beethoven's music?

Currently, there are no known aircraft carriers that play Beethoven's music.

What Beethoven's music was played in mr Jones?

beethoven the 9th

When did beethoven write his famous piece of music?

Beethoven wrote many pieces of music, lots of them are famous.

Was Beethoven's music teacher?

No, Beethoven was not a music teacher but he probably privately taught his friends and family (not purposely)

What music did Beethoven play?

As a composer he tended to play his own music.

Beethoven's greatest liturgical music is to be found in his?

Beethoven's greatest liturgical music is found in his Mass in D major. Beethoven is one of the world's greatest musicians of all time. Most of his music is considered classical music.

What is Beethoven's music an example of?

Beethoven's music is an example of classical music. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German classical composer who created great symphonies and lived during the 18th and 19th centuries.