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Q: What muscles are used when playing the drums?
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What different purposes are drums used for?

they can be used for playing them and making music.

What specific muscles are used most when playing cello?

Mainly your arm, but all muscles are used.

What muscles are used when playing pickle ball?

Triceps, shoulder muscles, forearm muscles, biceps.

What device is used for checking your temple when playing the drums?

Drum set clock

What muscles are used in hitting a ball?

It depends on what you are playing

What muscles are used while playing soccer?

your head

What are the main Main muscles used in socccer?

Yor leg your thighs muscles tha are mainly used in playing soccer.

When did Justin Bieber starded playing the drums?

Justin Bieber started playing drums when he was about 4

What muscles are used playing hockey?

Pretty much all.

When did Rich Beddoe start playing the drums?

Rich Beddoe started playing the drums at the age of eight.

When did Buddy Rich start playing drums?

He began playing the drums at the age of just 18 months.

Can playing drums kill fish?

no playing drums cannot kill fish as they as they actually dont have ears