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As per their official website:, he uses:

Taylor 914c 6-string acoustic

Taylor w65 12-string acoustic

WOW, this is a very difficult question due to the fact that Dave Matthews plays many different types of Guitars.

I can tell you that as far as acoustic guitars go, he seems to be partial to "Martin" guitars.

Martins are very high end acoustic guitars, some of the best in the world.

It also means that they come with a heavy price tag as well.

I was looking at a couple a few months ago, and they can range anywhere from $900 dollars to over $30,000 dollars (and anywhere in between) depending on what they are made out of.

I've seen Dave play:

Martin Steel 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Martin Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 6-String (and 12 string) Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Country Jumbo 6 String Guitar

Gibson 6-string

SST Solid Body Acoustic Guitar

Lakewood Acoustic Guitar

And a "Veillette" 12-String Guitar too.

All fantastic guitars to say the least.


he also used a Martin D-18 guitar on

on his albem Remember Two Things which i got to use

when i recorded in the same studio as him



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He plays an Esteban, of course!

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Q: What kind of guitar does Dave Matthew's play?
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