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O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei

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Q: What is the song that goes Miah he miah ho Miah he miah ha ha?
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What is a rock song that goes ha ha ha in a whisper?


What song does Rihanna sing that goes mya he mya ha mya ha ha?

the song is called numa numa

What rap song has a high pitched woman in the background... It goes kinda like ha haaaa... haa haaaa.... haa ha ha ha ha haa ha ha haaaaa......?

ride on time by black box

What is the name of the song from twilight that goes ha ah ha ha?

I /think/ it's Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation. Sorry, your description of the tune is a bit vague!

What is the song that goes wohohohoho wohohohoho it's a man singing and his voice goes higher in the end of every woho ha-ha idk how to explain but the song comes up in ads and teen-movies a lot?

Me too I dont know whats song is that . . . I want to know it

Who sings the doo wop song that goes baby you know i love you so come home to me ho ha ho ha?

the capris

What song goes somtin like money money money its time to make love its time to make love and its it snaps like hey?

The song is off mama mia it actually goes money, money,money must be funny in a rich mans world ha ha ha ! so theres your answer.

What is the name of the song that goes mareah hee mareah ha?

Mai Ai Hee by O-Zone

Whats the name of the song that goes mila he mila ha mila ha ha?

Numa Numa is the name that most people think it is, but if you look it up on itunes type dragesta tin dei

When was Ha - song - created?

Ha - song - was created on 1998-02-17.

When was Ha Song-nan born?

Ha Song-nan was born in 1967.

What song goes the party doesn't start til i walk in?

Tik Tok by Ke$ha