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The name of the sound is a freakadadisk's mostly common in Romania ;)

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Q: What is the sample sound that Linkin Park uses on the Sample pad in Numb i have an Akai MPD32 but i just cant find out what the name of the sound is?
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What is Each individual measurement of a sound that is stored as digital information called?


The number of bits used to store a sample of sound is called?

The Word Size.

Sample picture of soft and loud sound?

loud sound- a dog barking soft sound- the turning of a book page

Could you give me sample of french word end with the same sound?

cafe au lait

What is a sample in turms of music?

A sample is a technique of recording a sound and playing it back through a music keyboard or computer software. For instance, in a digital piano, they record an acoustic piano, and when the keyboard note is pressed, that recording is played back to represent the piano sound. A sample can be a single instrument as the example above, or a looped recording a phrase or riff played by a musician.

The number of bits used to store a sample of sound is called the?

sample size"Bit depth. Please learn English before posting anything else on the internet." No... bit depth describes the number of bits of information recorded for each sample.Where as the number of bits used to store a sample sound is called the sample size. P.S. Before you attempt to insult somebody about learning English make sure your facts are right or you look like an idiot.sample sizeor maybesample depthor mabyecard sizeor maybesampling rate

How does vcast song id work?

VCast Song ID works by recording a sample of the sound you want analyzed, comparing that sample to a database of known songs, and then returning the possible matches as something that Song ID can understand.

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Linkin park changed there sound becauz they wanted to try a different genere of music.

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betty wright - tonight is the night...there might be another sample used but this track is definitely used as a sample.... s.o.s. band-the other sample for the actual track is the s.o.s. band's no one's gonna love you produced by jimmy jam and terry lewis. this sample was also used for the hook on snoop dogg's "eastside party" featuring nate dogg. The actual song is Tonight by Kleer, NOT "No One's Gonna Love You". They sound veerry similar but Kleer's forms the basis for this song.

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Idont kno do anybody kno it sound like aretha Franklin tho

What factors contribute to file size of an audio clip?

Sample frequency, bit depth, number of channels, duration of sound, and compression.