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the episode is called no good deed and it is when Reba takes in a different colored family into her house

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Q: What is the name of that episode of Reba where Barbra Jean acts black?
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Who was Reba harts best friend on Reba?

Barbra-Jean is Reba's best friend Brocks best friend is Reba and Barbra-Jean's best friend is soooooooo obviously Reba You're welcome Reba Fan!!!!

Was Barbra Jean heling Reba while she was blind?


Does Meliisa Peterson played on the Reba show?

Yes. She plays as Barbra Jean.

Did once on Reba Did Barbra Jean help Chyeene cook?

yes. They cook somedesert and spaghetti

What is the name of Barbara jeans brother on Reba?

Barbara Jeans brother on reba is buzzard, a tough,tall, muscular man who hates brock(can't blame him.) crazy barbara jean secretly writes love letters to buzzard signing divorced rebas name on it.

What is the number and season of the episode Reba's heart from the show Reba?

it was season 5 and episode 22.

What is the cast of the tv show Reba?

Reba McEntire === === Brock Hart Christopher Rich === === Cheyenne Montgumary=Joanna Garcia === === Van Montgumary=Steve Howey === === Kira Hart Scarlett Pomers === === Jake Hart Mitch Holleman === === Barbra Jean Melissa Peterman ===

How did Reba tv sitcom end?

Van and Cheyenne move into their new home, brock and barbara jean stay married, and reba announces that she is proud to call barbara jean her BEST FRIEND!

What Reba episode is it where Van keeps pulling the tissues out of the tissue box?

Its Reba season 3 episode 20 "The Good Girl" you can find it on YouTube... it should be part 3 :)

Who is the Mr Blackstock that is remembered at the end of a Reba episode?

It is her father-in-law.

What episode of Reba Cheyenne pregnant?

You find out Cheyenne is pregnant the first episode of season one along with Broks affair.

Where is a pitcher of Reba Mcintire's mom?

You can see Reba's mom in any of her earlier specials. Or you can Google her her name is Jackie McEntire. She was also in one of Reba tv episodes. When Reba and Barbara Jean and her are in a pageant at Jakes school. She's the one who gives Reba a dirty look backstage