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The entire song, Viva la Vida, is about the French Revolution. so when it says i used to rule the world or when i ruled the world it could be talking about Louis XIV, i believe that was the one, because when he ruled France was one of the leaders in Europe, if not the leader, economically, militarily, etc. so it is basically, he ruled France, which dominated Europe, basically the world. so at the beginning of the song he ruled then after that he goes from wealth to nothiing, but he was actually decapitated, which was refurred when it says head on a silver plate. then in the middle of the song, mainly the chorus it talks about the revolution. and at the end he was like but that was then when i ruled. so bascially its french history told through Louis xiv's eyes.

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Q: What is the meaning of coldplay's when i ruled the world?
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