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Bene edamus! Bene bibamus!

Saecula semper concelebramus

Quod imperat Regina

Ne faveat Doctrina

Se choro sonoro

Dives in omnia

Sed choro sonoro

Dives in omnia

Collegium, Collegium acclamus

Porterhouse, Porterhouse

To live and die in Porterhouse!

Dives in omnia! In English (it should be noted that this isn't real latin!) We eat well! We drink well!

We celebrate throughout our whole lives!

As commanded by the queen,

Against the regilious doctrine,

We sing together,

"Wealth in everything."

We sing together,

"Wealth in everything."

We praise the college!

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Q: What is the latin translation of the full lyrics to the theme dives in omnia?
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What is the Latin translation of Energy first?

Energia ante omnia.

What is the Latin translation for Time Conquers all?

Tempus omnia vincit.

What is the Latin translation of 'Timing is Everything'?

Timing is Everything - "Temperi Omnia Est"

What is 'freedom for all' in Latin?

The Latin translation of "freedom for all" is generally accepted as "libertas omnium". A more direct translation would be " libertas supra omnia".

What is the English translation for the latin phrase omnia pro christo?

The literal translation is 'All for Christ'

What is the Latin translation of 'complete works'?

The usual term is opera omnia, which is literally "all works".

What is OMNIA Holocaust?

Omnia is simply Latin for everything.

What is 'Zeal is everything' in Latin?

Studium est omnia is one Latin equivalent of 'Zeal is everything'. Zelum est omnia is another equivalent. In the word by word translation, the nouns 'studium' and 'zelum' mean 'zeal'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The noun 'omnia' means 'everything'.

What is the English translation of the painting called 'Amor Vincit Omnia'?

The English translation for the painting, 'Amor Vincit Omnia' is "Love Conquers All". The language itself is written in Latin. Amor means love. Omnia means all things, or everything. Vincit means to win or conquer, in third-person.

Is omnia latin?


What is whole in Latin?

Omnia is Latin for all or whole.

How do you say every in latin?

The usual translation for "each" or "every" in Latin is omnis. "Everyone" and "everything" are rendered by plurals, omnes (masculine or feminine) and omnia (neuter) respectively.

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