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Taylor cole

Actually its the same girl from the shawn mullins video lullaby. Her name is Dominique Swain. She was also the daughter in Face Off

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Kayla Jane Danger

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Q: What is the girl in the music video All These Things I hate Revolve Around Me by Bullet for My Valentine?
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When did Bullet for my Valentine release All These Things?

Bullet for my Valentine released "All These Things I Hate or Revolve Around Me" in February 2006 in Germany and the UK under Sony BMG and Visible Noise respectively.

What Bullet for My Valentine album has All These Things I Hate?

The poison.

What is bullet for my valentine's best song?

(my choice)All the things i hate

Who discoverer that things did not revolve around earth?

Galileo Galilei

What are the best Bullet for My Valentine lyrics?

This is mainly a matter of opinion. Personally, I would say the lyrics to "All These Things I Hate".

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What is the name of music video that has a truck crash into a car and it happens over and over again?

All These Things I Hate - Bullet for my Valentine

What four things revolve around the sun other wise the eight planets?


What are some good Bullet for My Valentine songs?

Tears Don't Fall, Hearts Burst into Fire, Scream aim Fire and all these things i hate

What things revolve?

The moon around the earth. The earth around the sun. Giant teacups around the teapot on a ride at Disney World.

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planets, asteroids, comets, dwarf plantets

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All of his problems revolve around the fact that he is too young to understand many things, and too arrogant to realize it.He has adapted his life to revolve around her, but she does not appreciate his efforts.Two years ago we bought a special Christmas tree stand that makes the tree revolve in place.I was so drunk that when I lay down, the world seemed to revolve around my bed, and the motion made me nauseous.