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THATS SIMPLE OLD WERE not so good to commmunecate as new modern things are better

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Q: What is the difference between old and new modern system technology in radio communication and safety?
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Difference between old and modern means of communication?

Modern communication is online communication ? A film about today internet millionaires and entrepreneurs.

What is modern communication?

Modern communication is communicating with others using the latest technology. The internet and cell phones are considered to be modern technology.

What is the difference between modern and ancient navigation?

It is different because of the technology we use.

What is the difference between traditional and modern structures?

the difference is : traditional - it was like old building, with always brown in colour. modern - it was something to do with technology and new idea

What is the difference between modern and old mircroscopes?

there is a wide variety of change as the technology keeps on changing .

What impact of technology advancement on business communication?

The impact of technology advancement on business communication can be felt and witnessed in the modern forms of communication. It has improved the speed and efficiency of business communication.

What is the difference between change and development?

the difference between a developed and developing country is the latter has advanced technology , improvrd or modern infrastructure and a higher human development index

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology?

The advantages of modern communication technology is that it allows information to spread faster and farther. However the technology creates pollution and takes away from physical communication.

What are some of the positive effects of modern technology on communication?

positive affect...for about phones and e-mail,communication has evolved so much because of technology.

Benefits and hazards of modern technology?

Benefits: Modern technology has greatly improved communication, efficiency, and access to information. It has also revolutionized industries, such as healthcare and transportation, leading to better services and products for society. Hazards: Some risks of modern technology include issues related to privacy, cybersecurity threats, and increased dependence on electronic devices. There are also concerns about technology's impact on mental health, social interactions, and the environment.

What is the main difference between modern and roman living?

the main difference is the technology. A lot of the ideas we have today came from the way they lived it is just now we have upgraded their technology. Such as aquaducts. That was the original formation of plumbing that we use today.

What would work best as a title of an explanatory essay?

"The Impact of Technology on Modern Communication"