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The Handlebars must be no higher then shoulder height

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Q: What is the Alberta law regarding motorcycle handlebar height?
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What is the maximum height of motorcycle handlebars in Oregon?

there are currently no restrictions on handlebar height. the "shoulder height" restriction was repealed in 1999.

What is the handlebar height law in Tennessee?

There are no restrictions on handlebar height in TN. See

Raise handlebar height on a cadence?

Really don't understand the question. There's no established link between cadence and handlebar height.

What is the handlebar height law in Arkansas?

At the present time there are no restrictions.

Missouri motorcycle handlebar height?

= Missouri = Helmet Required Eye Protection Not Required Rearview Mirror Not Required Brakes Required on one wheels Handlebar Height Maximum of 15" above seat Passenger Seat Not Required Passenger Footrests Not Required Passenger Handhold Not Required Headphones Not Prohibited Turn Signals Not Required Speedometer/Odometer Not Required Headlight Daytime Use Not Required Periodic Inspection Required

What is Motorcycle overall height?

A motorcycle's overall height is the distance from the ground to the highest point on the bike. This is typically the handlebars, but varies based on the model.

Can any height fit on a motorcycle?

It is very possible that every height can fit on a motorcycle. People of shorter stature may need to have custom bikes.

Is there a height requirement for a passenger on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania?


When can a child in Alberta ride in the front seat?

Depends the weight and height

What is the maximum height of motorcycle handlebars in Ontario?

The maximum height of motorcycle handlebars in Ontario is 15 inches from the top of the seat (under the riders weight while seated) to the top of the handlebars.

What is the height of the worlds largest rideable motorcycle?

90 inches

Are ape hangers illegal in Ontario?

Yes, ape hangers handlebars are illegal in Ontario. According to the Highway Traffic Act, handlebars must not be higher than the rider's shoulder height when seated on the motorcycle to ensure safe and proper handling.