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what is a crest recurve bow worth?

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Q: What is a york crest recurve bow worth?
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Does a recurve bow have pulleys?


Does Katniss use a bow an arrow?

Yes. She uses a simple recurve bow,

What is the average recurve bow price?

13 pedros

Where was the longest arrow shot by a recurve bow?

the answer is 200ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What bow is better for bow-fishing recurvebow or longbow?

Well, I would choose the recurve bow, for menouvarability.

A compound bow differs from a recurve bow because?

A recurve has curved limbs at the tips. This allows the bow to store more energy in a shorter bow. A longbow is usually straight and has no curvature at the tip ends. And of course is longer in size.

Bow with limbs that bend back upon themselves?

It's called a "recurve" bow.

What is the maximum killing distance of a 55 pound recurve bow?

The maximum killing distance for a typical 55 pound recurve bow is 100 yards. Beyond this distance, the bow does not offer a consistent killing blow.

Can a recurve bow be made from one piece of wood?


What kind of bow is used in the Olympics for women archers?

the type of bow that the women use in the olympics is recurve

What bow does oliver queen use in arrow?

In the tv seriesArrow, Oliver Quinn uses a recurve bow.