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what has the most powerful bite for its size an kills scorpions

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2009-03-21 06:41:42
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2010-11-21 00:27:43

the moray eel

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Q: What is a scorpions predator?
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What is scorpions predator?

what has the most powerful bite for its size an kills scorpions

What adaptations do scorpions have?

idk but scorpions adaptoins is that they will hunt for food at night and they will stay under a rock until they see a predator

What is a predator of scorpion?

Bark scorpions are eaten by a wide variety of animals such as birds, reptiles, and other invertebrates. Some examples include spiders, snakes, peccaries, rodents, and other scorpions.

Where can you find predator Lego decals?

to my knowledge try saber scorpions layer sight for results, or try flick-photo sharing.i have been trying to find decals myself for my very own predator which i found on saber scopions layer

What Eats The Ichneumon Wasp?

Nothing, It's An Apex Predator. But I Will Tell You What They "Lay Eggs" On, They Lay Eggs On Larva Of Insects, Spiders, Scorpions, Hornets And Slugs.

How do scorpion protect themselves from their enemy?

with their stinger and their claws.they also use their sting that have poision.

What is the collective noun for scorpions?

The collective nouns are a bed of scorpions, a colony of scorpions, or a nest of scorpions.

Do pocket mice eat scorpions?

Scorpions make good lizard food. There are many predators to scorpions, birds, cats, mice, rats, even humans in certain locations eat scorpions. So lizards eat scorpions, spiders eat scorpions, scorpions eat scorpions and people eat scorpions. I'm sure pocket mice eat scorpions!

Do Scorpions Sleep?

Scorpions Do NOT Sleep.

Are scorpions human?

No. Scorpions are arachnids.

Are scorpions herbivores?

No, scorpions are carnivores.

Will other scorpions eat baby scorpions?

at the contrary , are the baby scorpions who eats their own mother... <a href="whatdoscorpionseat.html">What do Scorpions eat?</a>

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