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The value of a Westpoint shotgun will depend on the weapon's condition. If in excellent condition the shotgun is worth $500.

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Q: What is a Stevens Arms Westpoint Model 948E shotgun worth?
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What is a 12 gauge Stevens worth?

sears and roebuck offered the same gun made by Stevens co as model #101.10080 stamped searsand roebuck co on gun no Stevens stamp. I paid 75 bucks for a sawed off. don't really know but if sears sold it prbly not much

What is the age of a J Stevens 22 rifle and what is it worth?

Can't tell you without a model. Stevens made tons of .22s, and their value depends on model, age and condition. Range is from well under $100 to several thousand.

Where can you find info on old shotgun?

I also have the J. Stevens Arms Co mod 258A 20 gauge shotgun. Mine had no stock until today,cut one out of some black walnut just for this old long barrel.The maker J. Stevens And model 258A 20 Gauge shotgun. I put a brown finish insted of blue on this one. It is a lot of fun to shoot too! Sorry i have no idea what it is worth.

When was the Stevens model 66 made and what is it worth?

Based on Hatchers Book "The Rifle in America" it was introduced in 1930 and discontinues 1948. It is a Boltaction repeated with a tubular magazine (I guess yOu know that already) I have no idea what it is worth.

What is the age of a Browning Ranger 12 ga pump model 50 serial number U15228 and how much is it worth?

Browning never made a Model 50 pump action shotgun. Please email us with the exact markings on the shotgun and we can identify it for you and give you some more information. == This is one of the many guns that Sears sold under the Ranger name made by several different manufacturers. FN/Browning never sold guns to be marketed by department store chains. Your shotgun says "Browning" because of a model made on Browning's Patent. Likely it is a Stevens built gun. No matter which model it is, these guns typically sell in the $100-$250 range depending on condition. If you provided the Sears model number, it could be cross-referenced to determine who the maker is and the years they made the gun. An exact year would likely never be known.