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Trust In God

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Sugar Ray Coney

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Bus Stop

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Stop The Shooting (Somebody Shot My Boy)

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Q: What is Sugar Ray coney hit song?
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Did sugar ray coney sing lead vocals on a number 1 song as a child?

Yes he was 11 years of age,his voice,vocals was dubbed over a youth singing group because the group could not hit high notes,sugar ray coney as a child sing all vocals on the song but the group all the recognition and being a child sugar ray coney didn't record anymore songs for many years as a under age singer.the group lasted for a child sugar ray coney contiue to sing in many churches around the states. Sugar Ray Coney went on to give his life to God and Volunteering and became Citizen Of The Year for volunteering and helping others in need like the homeless and hungry.i heard Sugar ray coney singing vocals on a hit song he did not get credit on the song,some older teens did the video and shows,they say he was to young for the image.

What is Sugar Ray Cony's hit song?

Trust In God

Who is the song Hit The Road Jack by?

Ray Charles

1980 hit song for ray Charles?

Sorry, he had no song in the top 40 in 1980

Miley Cyrus' dad Billy Ray had a hit single with which song?

Billy Ray Cyrus hit single was Achy breaky heart

What was ray Charles big hit song in 1980?

He had no song in the top 100 in 1980....sorry

Who sang the original song hit the road jack?

Ray!: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, its Ray Charles.

Who was the lead female vocalist of 'Hit The Road Jack' with Ray Charles?

The lead female vocalist in the song 'Hit the Road Jack' by Ray Charles was Margie Hendricks.

Why was Johnnie Ray important enough to be put in Billy Joel's song 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?

žRay was extremely popular in the 1950's with his song "Cry" that was a number 1 hit

What was the big hit song from def leppard's hysteria album?

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Was akey brakey heart by billy ray Cyrus popular in 1994?

no the song came out in 1992 and came a hit!!

What is Ray Charlesmost famous song written or sang?

"I can't stop loving you" followed by "Georgia on my mind" and "Hit the road, Jack".