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A Trumpet or a bugle

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A trumpet ot a

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Q: What instrument is played between the phases of a bullfight?
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Where is bullfighting played?

A bullfight is not 'played' as one would play a sport. A bullfight is performed in an arena called a plaza de toros(bullring). Fights are held in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France and a number of countries in South and Central America.

What is the difference between un tuned and tuned percussion?

The same as the difference between a tuned and un-tuned wind instrument or string instrument.

What is the differences between cellos and clarinets and drums?

Principally, a Cello is a string instrument. A Clarinet is a woodwind instrument and drums are a percussion instrument. Cello are usually played with a bow, they can be plucked. Clarinets are played by blowing into them with the correct fingering, and drums are sounded by striking them.

What was Beethoven's must played instrument?

The instrument Beethoven played the most was the piano.

The most common instrument in the world?

The most common instrument played by children between the ages of five and eighteen is the piano. guitar comes in second but it is definitely the piano!

What is the timbre of guitar?

Timbre is the quality the sound of a musical note played on an instrument that lets you distinguish a guitar from a Saxophone. At a finer level it lets you distinguish between an Electric Guitar and an acoustic guitar. Finer still, between a good instrument and a poor one.

What is the instrument that was played in the movie gettsburg?

One instrument that was played in the movie, Gettysburg, was the trumpet.

What is the most played instrument in Monaco?

The steel guitar is the most played instrument in Monaco

Difference instrument between heavy metal music from hard core music?

None. It's how the instruments are played!

How the oboe is played?

The oboe is a wind instrument, played by forcing air between two reeds. The vibration of the reeds creates the sound, and the pitch can be altered using the keys to change the size of the vibrating chamber.

What is pateteg instrument?

pateteg is an musical instrument that is played by a stick

What was joseph's major instrument?

Joseph played the violin as his major instrument.