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if you have missed your court date and are caught driving on a suspended license they will arrest you. My fiancee had a suspended license and was paid up on his insurance and tags and everything but missed his court date and went to jail.

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Q: What happens if i missed my court date on a traffic ticket for driving on a suspended license with knowledge in Florida?
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What happens if your license is suspended in PA but get caught driving in Florida?

It means that you were caught driving without a valid license. Your valid US-issued license is good in every US state, but when it is suspended it is suspended everywhere.

What happens when you get a DUI?

You get arrested and your driving privileges get suspended.

What happens when a person with a suspended license gets hit from behind?

and gets cited for driving with a suspended license.

What happens to a minor who is convicted of driving with a suspended license that was suspended because he quit school?

It depends on where you live, but in most states driving on a suspended license with knowledge that it's suspended can be cause for arrest. Once that happens, your license can be revoked. Incidentally, NOTHING will get you further in life and help you become successful than a solid education. If you can't go back to school, get your GED and try to further your education. It's corny, but education truly is the key to your future and freedom.

What happens if you are driving unsuprivised with a permit?

If you are caught driving in violation of the restrictions of your learners permit, you can have your privilege to drive suspended.

What happens if you get caught driving with a suspended license but you're not on probation?

You will be charged with driving while your license is suspended. Whether or not you're on probation doesn't effect this particular offense. If you were on probation, driving with a suspended license is probably a violation of your probation, and a whole different issue.

What happens if your first probation violation is driving on a suspended license?

u go to prison

What happens when caught driving with a suspended license in Florida?

It is considered a 2nd degree misdemeanor which is punishable by not more than 60 days jail or a $500 fine. But the judge has the actual say of what the sentence is.

What happens if your out of state driving on suspended license?

Driving while your license is suspended is a traffic and criminal offense in all states. You will either be arrested or ticketed, depending on the law and practice in the state where you are caught diving.

What happens if you get caught driving after your license has been suspended?

Normally you are arrested, and if not, you receive a pretty major fine.

What happens to someone in Tennessee when they are pulled over for their seventh offense driving on suspended?

Very little in Tennessee

What happens if someone with suspended license is caught driving someone elses car in California?

It's usually the same punishment as if they were driving their own car.

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