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indian raid....

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Q: What happened to Matt dillons daughter Beths mother Mike on the tv show gunsmoke how did she die?
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Who is the mother of Matt Dillon's daughter on Gunsmoke?

Mike Yardner, played by Michael Learned. From the 1973 Gunsmoke episode, "Matt's Love Story" and the 1990 TV movie, "Gunsmoke: The Last Apache", when Matt learns he has a daughter.

What happened to the daughter in Sophie's Choice?

The daughter was sent to a gas chamber (killed) That is why the mother killed herself in the end.

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Could you tell me who was the deceased mother of the daughter in Gunsmoke the movie starring James Arness?

"Mike" Yardner, with whom Matt had a brief fling when he was suffering from amnesia in the episode Matt's Love Story.

What happened to anjette lyles daughter?

She murdered her daughter by putting rat poison in her food.

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This question is inconclusive it has no correlation or form of obtaining an answer.

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If Tara's daughter is your daughter's mother, and you are a woman, you are Tara's daughter.

Who is the mother of Inuyasha's daughter?

Kagome is the mother of Inuyasha's daughter

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Mother= mater Daughter= filias

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She would be your cousin.

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She commited suicide because she wanted to marry someone but her mother didn't let here.