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Big Pun(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Rest In Peace.

Baby Pun(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Big Pun's son.

Fat Joe(Latin King & Queen Nation)

Cuban Link(Latin King & Queen Nation)

Poe Rilla(Latin King & Queen Nation)

Triple Seis(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Terror Squad.

Prospect(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Terror Squad.

Armageddon(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Terror Squad.

Tony Sunshine(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Terror Squad.

Daddy Yankee(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Reggaeton artist.

Konnan(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Pro wrestler.

Nelson ''Homicide'' Erazo(Latin King & Queen Nation)-Pro wrestler.


I know Daddy Yankee ain't a rapper, he's a reggaeton artist, but he's still a member of the Latin King & Queen Nation, and I know Konnan and Homicide ain't rappers, they're wrestlers, but they're still members of the Latin King & Queen Nation as well.

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Anthony Maisonave

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βˆ™ 3y ago
I don’t think so daddy yankee is a neta and big pun too look at the photo I postedΒ 
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Villiani Valentine

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βˆ™ 5mo ago
Your wrong 100% big pin is a Latin king knew him and Daddy
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Anthony Maisonave

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Daddy Yankee and big pun are netas from the heart look at this photo

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What rappers are latin kings

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Q: What famous rappers are latin kings?
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the latin kings are rivals with the crips,they are allied with the bloods and people nation.crips are allied with the folk nation.folk means free of latin kings.the latin kings in California are NOT surenos...that is a rumor.the latin kings are ok with ms13 but other then that they don't like the surenos or the crips...the latin kings ally with the bloods.down in southern California its the latin kings and bloods agenst the crips and surenos.if the latin kings WERE affiliated with the surenos then there would be alot of conflict between the BPK brown pride kings(A.L.K.Q.N)in California and these....sureno latin kings...this is a simple rumor people make up but YES there are surenos that rep latin kings...which they have no clue what they are doing.crips and latin kings don't like each other

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Big Pun Fat Joe Tony Sunshine Poe Rilla Cuban Link Daddy Yankee Don Omar

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