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Really depends on the person. I find that Gibson's and Fender's do.

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Q: What electric guitars have the best action?
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What is a good electric guitar for players used to acoustic?

You can use any electric guitar just like an acoustic, but the main differences are the action (string distance from the neck) and possibly the width of the neck. Electric guitars may have narrower necks and the action height is usually closer to the neck. Action can be adjusted in electric guitars. As far as I know, all electric guitars have steel strings with varying thicknesses for flexibility. Some acoustic guitars have nylon for the same purpose.

What is the best make of electric guitars?

gibson USA

How many different guitars are they?

There are several: Solid Body Guitars (Electric) Semi-hollow Body Guitars (Electric) Hollow Body Guitars (Electric) Steel Guitars Lap Steel Guitars Acoustic Guitars (Electric Optional) Travel Guitars

What got him interested in electric guitars?

Guitars, mostly. Probably electric ones.

How many strings do electric guitars have?

Most electric guitars have 6 strings.

What kind of guitars does rock music use?

Rock music usually uses electric guitars and electric bass guitars.

What is a good speech on electric guitars?

just use the information you know on electric guitars

What is the best website for cheap electric guitars?

I would have to say It has some expensive guitars on there, but then again, a lot of them are really cheap.

Why are Fender and Gibson guitars rivals?

when the electric guitar started to get popular Fender and Gibson made the best guitars, it was bound to happen.

What types of guitars are sold by Aria Guitars?

Japanese manufacturer Aria Guitars makes acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, and classical guitars. It also offers a wide range of accessories.

What are none electric guitars called?

Acoustic Guitars?

What are the types of guitars available?

acoustic guitars, electric guitars, classical nylon string guitars and acoustic guitars with a pickup on them that allows them to be plugged in like an electric guitar but can have an acoustic sound to it

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