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In the broader sense it is about people who are cut off from nature when they live in cities. We find substitutes for rivers (in roads) Mountains (concrete skyscrapers and rainbows (neon lights) The whole treasure trove them is spun around the human need and hunting for wealth, which alludes most people in the city. We follow our dreams (our rainbows to become happy and rich, but quite often we cannot achieve these. - and this goes with a warning to the child spoken to "Maar hier moet jy jou nimmer laat bind" which can be translated as "never get caught up in all of this, m he would find the land of blue saphires be one dayy child" But then he goes on and says that the child should follow the neon bow every night along black rivers (roads) that maybe the child would find the land of blue saphires (could that be an indication of blue clear unpolluted skies above - since saphires are blue?) This udea is strenghened by the very last words. "en dalk 'n brokkie son." which could be translated into a "smidgen of sunlight"

For me it is a song of mystery and wonder, drowned in a sorrowful longing for a better life, which may be a life that is natural and simple.

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Q: What does the song sprokie vir 'n stadskind basically talk about?
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