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prepare to leave the lane safely


Lane signals are used: -When the direction of the flow of traffic changes during the day. -To show that a toll booth is open or closed. -To show which lanes are opened or closed. You must never drive in a lane under a red X. A yellow X means that your lane signal is going to change to red. Prepare to leave the lane safely. You may drive in lanes beneath the green arrow, but you must also obey all other signs and signals.

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2010-10-11 18:46:56
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Q: What does it mean When you see a yellow X lane signal?
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When you see a yellow X lane signal?

you should prepare to leave the lane safetly

What does a flashing yellow light signal mean in rail way?

train, slow down and u watch for train to see if passing

What is the purpose of a broken yellow line?

A broken yellow line indicates a passing zone. It is illegal to cross a double yellow line, unless you are avoiding an obstruction in your lane. So passing zones are marked out where driver's can safely pass one another (usually areas where you can see at least a mile down the road). When the broken yellow is on your side of the road, you are legally allowed to pass the vehicle in front of you, if you can do it safely. If the broken yellow is on the other lane (your side has a single yellow line), you may not cross into the next lane.

Why road side yellow line?

To indicate that it is the left side of the road. If you see a yellow line on your right you are driving in the oncoming traffic lane. When the yellow line is on the edge of the road you are on a divided roadway and the median is to the left of the yellow line. You will find a white line on the right side of the road. When the yellow line is in the center of the road you are driving on a two-way undivided roadway. Again, if the yellow line is on your right you are in the oncoming traffic lane.

The correct way to pass a vehicle?

To pass a vehicle on a two lane road, if the speed is 45 mph or above, make sure oncoming traffic is at least 1/2 a mile away. Then turn on your signal, check your mirrors and over your shoulder, move into the left lane, get at least two car lengths passed the vehicle you are passing, (see their tires and ground), then signal to get back into the right lane as long as they aren't speeding up. To pass on a freeway, watch the tires of the vehicle you are passing to make sure the driver isn't coming into your lane. If you are coming into their lane, make sure you can see their tires in the rear view mirror and make sure they aren't going faster than you. Then signal and come over.

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