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when you do sumthin without a script but you have not dun it with a script before it

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Q: What does improvisation mean in drama?
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What is Improvisation mean in Drama?

An improvisation is when you make up a scene on the spot in drama without any practise before hand.

What is improvisation in drama?

Improvisation is when you make it up as you go along, however it doesn't mean that you don't have to practise. You just don't have a script.

What do you mean by inpromptu drama?

if you mean impromptu drama then that means to make it up on the spot. This kind of drama is mainly seen in Theatresports, which is many games involving improvisation that are participated in by teams.

What does spontaneous improvisation mean in drama?

This is when the drama isn't rehearsed or planned but when you do it on the spot and come up with different things as you go along.

What does accepting mean in drama terms?

•Accepting is when in a improvisation some one says something to move the improvisation on and you go with it and go along with there story. Opposite of blocking.

What has the author Pamela Bowell written?

Pamela Bowell has written: 'Planning process drama' -- subject(s): Drama in education, Improvisation (Acting) 'Planning process drama' -- subject(s): Improvisation (Acting), Drama in education

How can improvisation be usefull in drama?

it is when 2 ropes are pulled

What is prepared improvisation in drama?

It's like when you have 10mins to create and practise a drama scene.

What is polished improvisation?

It means taking an Idea and rehearsing it in drama

What does offer mean in drama terms?

An improvisation term to describe what a performer contributes to the progression of the action.An offer can be verbal or physical

How is Spontaneous Improvisation different from Improvisation in Drama?

it is different becaue impro...... because it has been planed and sponan............... is that you dont plan it.

What does prepared improvisation?

prepared improvisation is a drama technique which is used to rehearse a piece of work so that it is ready to show to an audience

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