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What do you call a group of Dancers?

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Q: What do you call A group of dancers?
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What is call group of dancers?

A group of dancers are called a troupe

What is a group of dancers called?

A group of dancers are called a troupe

What do you call group of dancers?


What do you call a group of Morris dancers?

a side

What is a group of dancers?

A group of dancers are called a troupe

What is the name of a group if people dancing?

The collective nouns for a group of dancers are a troupe of dancers or a company of dancers. The word for people in general who are dancing is dancers.

What is a group of dancers known as?

a group

What is the collective noun for dancers?

The collective nouns for dancers area company of dancersa troupe of dancers

What do you call a team of dancers?

A crew is a team of dancers.

The group of dancers was were highly recommended?

You can say:"The group (of dancers) was highly recommended." or"The dancers were highly recommended."Alternatively you can say "The groups (of dancers) were highly recommended."EXPLANATIONGroup is a singular collective noun. e.g. A group of dancers.The pronoun for a group, or the group, is 'it'. Therefore -> It (the group) was highly recommended.Dancers is plural. The pronoun for 'dancers' is 'they'. Therefore ->They (the dancers) were highly recommended.'Groups' is also plural. So 'They (the groups) were recommended' would be correct.------------------------------------But the question is talking about a group (of dancers). It is easy to make the mistake of thinking about 'the group of dancers' as a plural noun phrase, but 'the group' is clearly a singular collective noun, so the verb takes the third person singular form. i.e. he, she, it was...So the correct grammar is: 'The group of dancers was highly recommended.'

What do you call the dancers in Holland tulip festival?

Klompen dancers

Group of dancers?