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All percussion instruments are hit to be played.

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All Guitars have a body, neck, strings, can experience broken strings, need a person to play it, need tuned, use fingers and picks, make chords, make music, can be very soft to very loud, can be off-pitch or out of tune, and can be played by anyone of any age if they choose to learn.

NOTE: Electric guitars may have some differences.

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The instruments that can be in a band and an orchestra include the flute, Clarinet, bassoon, other woodwinds (no saxophones), Trumpet, Trombone, tuba, french horn, other brass (no euphoniums) and percussion. Some types of bands have basses, but not all of them do.

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They make music. And sound. Plus they all have sound waves, everything does. Exept space.

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Q: What do guitars have in common?
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How can one identify bass guitars?

Bass guitars are similar in appearance to electric guitars. It has a longer neck and can have four to eight strings. The most common bass guitar has four strings.

What instrument are common in country music?

Typically, traditional country bands will use fiddles, harmonicas, steel guitars, acoustic guitars, and drums.

What other types of strings beside nylon are used for guitars?

There are two different kind of strings. There are nylon strings and steel strings. Nylon strings are found on acoustic guitars while steel strings are common to find on electronic guitars.

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Electric guitars acustic guitars and steel guitars are three different types of guitars.

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Guitars are known simply as guitars in Australia.

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Japanese manufacturer Aria Guitars makes acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, and classical guitars. It also offers a wide range of accessories.

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If I understand correctly, the pardas on a sitar correspond to the frets on a guitar. Different guitars will have a different number of frets. Some electric guitars have a full two-octave neck, which means 24 frets. More common is for guitars to have 20 or 21.

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