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Here is a decent tab of it. That should help.

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Q: What chords does jer coons play on legs?
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Who was Freddie Mercury's mom?

she chocked on some cake which he baked for her 66th birthday NO. As of November 2009, Freddie Mercury's mother, Jer Bulsara, was still alive at age 87. I am unable as of December 2010 to locate any documentation of her death, so I presume she is still living.

Did Freddie mercury have driverslicense?

No. he failed his driving test when he was 16, and told him mom, Jer, that he would not need a liscense. he said he would have a driver. haha he was right:))

Who is Freddie Mercury's parents?

Freddie Fender's parents were Margarita Garza and Serapio Huerta. Freddie Fender was born in San Benito, Texas and died in 2006.

Where is Freddie mercury buried?

nobody knows. its a family secret. im sure Mary Austin knows. she said Freddie left his final wishes with what to do with his ashes up to her. some say its under the cherry tree. some say he is still with his parents jer and bomi. i believe he is probably split between garden lodge and his parents. maybe at his statue in Montreal. he was a great preformer and an amazingly important role model to me with huge talent. anywhere his ashes may lay, he is missed and loved

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They briefly called themselves The Warlocks, but after hearing of another band having that name, They went in search of a new one. According to Phil Lesh's autobiography, They were flipping through the dictionary and there it was, Grateful Dead. Meaning was something to the effect of " the dead, having no resource when alive, was grateful to whomever gave aid (and resource) to enable "the dead' to recieve a proper burrial. Hence, the "Grateful Dead".

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