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Nat Geo has its own channel.

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national geographic channel

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Q: What channel is NAT Geo on?
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What channel is nat geo wild?

nat geo wild is a channel that shows you all about animals and wild life.

What dish channel is nat geo?

You will be able to locate National Geographic on channel 186 with DISH Network.

What number channel is nat geo wild on xfinity?

where is the national g eographic channel on Comcast in houston

Who is the owner of Geo channel?

I think you are referring to Nat-Geo, which is the abbreviated name of the National Geographic channel. It is owned by National Geographic (which also owns a famous magazine) and Fox Cable Networks.

What channel number is National Geographic on dish network?

NAT GEO is on both channels 186 and 190.

When was Nat Geo Wild created?

Nat Geo Wild was created in 2006.

When was Nat Geo Music created?

Nat Geo Music was created in 2007.

Can anything make you go to sleep fast?

Watch History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild and other informative documentary channels and shows

How much are old Nat Geo Magazines worth?

What's the value of Nat geo magazines between 1925&1930

What are the release dates for Nat Geo Amazing - 2010?

Nat Geo Amazing - 2010 was released on: USA: 9 July 2010

When is big cat week 2012?

Big Cat week starts Sunday December, 9th. 8:00 Pm Nat Geo channel.

Who narrated Nat Geo Kingdom of the oceans?

no one