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a crappy one it was rotted and breaking he paid practly nothing for it

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Q: What car did Jess Mariano drive on Gilmore Girls?
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Who plays jess mariano in Gilmore girls?

Jess is played by Milo Ventimiglia.

Which episode does jess join Gilmore girls?

Jess joins Gilmore Girls in the second season episode "Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy."

Is Jess on Gilmore Girls a?

A what? Did you mean gay? And if that is so do you mean the actor or the character?

How does Jess make salt and pepper dip on Gilmore Girls?

All Jess does to make the dip is mixes salt with pepper.

Why did milo ventimigia leave Gilmore girls?

Milo left Gilmore Girls because his character involvement was gone. Jess was no longer living in Stars Hollow and did not interact much with the main characters after he moved away. Of course there was some final episode that rapped up and concluded his character and storyline. But basically Milo left because Jess did.

Was Jake Gyllenhaal in Gilmore girls?

No Jake Gyllenhaal was Never In Gilmore Girls but Jared Padalecki was In the Show He Played Dean from Season 1-5 and now can be seen Playing Sam in Super Natural and Milo Ventimglia was also In Gilmore Girls Playing Jess and Is Now Better know Now as Peter In the TV series Heroes.

Who is Jessie on Gilmore Girls?

Jesse is a mischievous teenager who is the nephew of Luke Danes and the son of Luke's sister; Liz. Jesse befriended Lorelai "Rory" Gilmore despite some strong objections from people in her life due to his behavior. Rory's then-boyfriend; Dean Forester also wasn't a fan of Jesse and after Dean and Rory broke up she and Jesse started to date for awhile until they eventually broke up as well.

What song is in the episode of Gilmore Girls when jess first arrives the this is hell one?

It's a cover of the Elvis Costello song, This Is Hell, redone by Dogpatch

When did rory and jess mariano get together in Gilmore Girls?

They meet in season two, the don't date 'til season three *She break up with Dean in the episode where they have the dance-a-thon, well he breaks up with her* Jess appears again in season 4, and again in season 6...though nothing really happens in season 6, and I'm not sure about season 7. Season four he tells her he loves her-but she doesn't listen to him

Why did rory and dean break up in Gilmore Girls?

The first time it was because Dean said "I love you!" and Rory did not respond

What were the Names of the Gilmore Girls?

The Gilmore girls cast list were - Lauren Graham - Lorelai Gilmore Alexis Bledel - Rory Gilmore Keiko Agena - Lane Kim Scott Patterson - Luke Danes Yanic Truesdale - Michel Gerard Kelly Bishop - Emily Gilmore Edward Herman - Richard Gilmore Melissa Mc.Carthy - Sookie St.James Sean Gunn - Kirk Gleason Liza Weil - Paris Geller Liz Torres - Miss Patty Jared Padalecki - Dean Forester Matt Czuchry - Logan Huntszberger Jackson Douglas - Jackson Belleville Michael Winters - Taylor Doose Sally Struthers - Babette Dell Emily Kuroda - Mrs.Kim Todd Lowe - Zack Van gerbig Milo Ventimiglia - Jess Mariano David Sutcliffe - Christoper Hayden Teal Redmann - Louise Grant Shelly Cole - Madeline Lynn] and many many more...

Is Alexis Bledel dating anyone?

I would think she is dating that Milo guy or AKA Jess on her hit TV show "Gilmore Girls" which I happen to worship! AHAH