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the dodgers

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Q: What baseball team does Bruno mars support?
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What is Bruno mars favorite team?

Pittsburg pirates

What football team does Bruno Mars support?

Bruno Mars likes the Green Bay Packers. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to Los Angeles, California. Not liking either the Los Angeles Rams or Chargers, He decided to support the Green Bay Packers. They were a good team with loads of potential and if he started liking them before they blew up, he could say that he wasn't bandwagoning. Bruno began watching games and starting to get familiar with the team. Finally, Bruno Mars could say that he was a Packers fan. Bruno said live that he wasn't talking about Soccer, or what everybody but the US calls, "football." So in the end, there is enough evidence to say that Bruno Mars is a Packers fan.

Did Bruno Mars write billionaire?

Travie McCoy and The Smeezingtons, Bruno's production team, wrote it so yes he did:)

What nba team does bruno mars like?

golden state warriors

Who is the lyricist of grenade by Bruno mars?

He wrote the song himself along with The Smeezingtons which is his production team:)

Is Bruno Mars a composer?

Yes, Bruno Mars is a singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, voice actor, and choreographer. Early in his music career, Mars began producing songs for other artists with his production team, The Smeezingtons.

Which basketball team does Bruno mars like?

chicago bulls and lakers

Why Bruno Mars Wrote just the way you are?

I would hope that BRUNO MARS wrote it. Bruno Mars wrote it together with his team (Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine). Together they call themselfs The Smeezingtons and they write music for Justin Bieber, Cee-Lo Green, Sugababes,Travie McCoy and many others.

Is Ari Levine a singer?

Ari Levine is a Producer. He produced a lot of songs and his in "The Smeezingtons" a production team with Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence.

What American baseball team does Lea Michele support?


What is the research team of mars?

NASA is the research team of Mars.

When was Linux Support Team created?

Linux Support Team was created in 1993.