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It's called an extroverted personality. It's a person who is confident, has good manners and when they come into a room they are a breath of fresh air. Their manners are impeccable and they make each and every person feel important. They can have a good sense of humor without being obnoxious or loud, ask how the other person is doing or congratulate someone who has had some good luck. People such as this are so confident they can look at another woman (if you are female) and honestly say you think she looks great. They don't care if the person is wealthy, middle-class or poor and treat all the people in their lives with the same respect and caring.

Generally extroverted people fit into any type of function and are not afraid to go to a party if they don't know anyone. They schmooze around making conversation. They generally have friends from all cultures and all ages and are honestly interested in each and every person. They may give a solid hand shake or a big hug depending on who the person is. They are also generally witty, can make people laugh when down and seldom talk about themselves unless asked.

Furthermore, an outgoing person get along with any body, it does not care how old the person is. Also this person can be a good leader to push up others in a positive way to reach the purpose in which our creator think to do before the foundation of the world. An outgoing person doesn't know the word jealousy because this person has had learned that everyone of us has something good inside us to give others. Each one of us has our talent, gift, and many things to share individual or global in this society.

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Q: What are the traits of a outgoing personality?
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