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Most classical guitar strings are made from a sort of nylon material.

Some expensive types of 6 or 12 string Guitars used for Mexican music use steel strings.

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The strings on a classical guitar are nylon strings.

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Q: What are the strings on the classic guitar made out of?
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How many stRings on a standard classic guitar?

A standard classical guitar has 6 strings.

How many strings on a modern classic guitar?

there are 6

What kind of string do classic guitar use?

Nylon strings.

Is it possible to convert classic guitar to acoustic guitar?

Not a good idea. The classical guitar is made for nylon strings that put less tension on the bridge than the steel strings used for standard acoustic guitars. It would most likely pull the bridge off the guitar.

What was the guitar made of?

wood and strings

What kind of string does a classic guitar use?

it has 6 or 12

Do guitar have metal strings?

Guitar strings are made of many different substances. One of the most common is metal. Often a bass guitar will have copper-bound steel strings.

Can you use bronze acoustic string on classic acoustic guitar?

If by "classic acoustic guitar" you mean the small bodied, slotted-headstock type of guitar commonly called simply a "classical" guitar, the answer is an emphatic NO. Any type of steel strings on a true classical guitar will ruin it. Classical guitars must be strung with nylon or gut strings only.

What kinds of guitar strings are there?

There are guitar strings for nearly every pitch or resonance, and even some made out of horse hair like violin strings.

How is sound made by a guitar?

the strings vibrate and sound is made.

How many strings are on a classical guitar?

six the only difference is what they are made of normal guitar strings are made of steel but classical guitars have strings with a mixture of plastic also known as nilon and steel

If a guitar is made for pretend play can you turn it into a real guitar?

You switch the strings.