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I can see a sign of sadness in your eye's,

where there was gladness, there's not a smile (When something breaks your heart) it also breaks mine, (When something makes you cry) there's two of us cryingcause, when I help you baby, I'm helping myself, whatever hurts you baby,(hurts) I know I know it hurts me too....

So let me try and bring a smile back to your face, let me hold you darling in a tight tight embrace cause, when I help you baby, I'm helping myself, what, what ever hurts you baby(background) hurts, I know I know it hurts me too, what ever hurts you baby baby hurts, hurts me too, hurts me so bad baby baby, what ever hurts you baby baby hurts hurts me too.......

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Q: What are the lyrics to the song Whatever hurts you by the Mad Lads?
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