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You should find the lyrics by clicking the link below.

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Q: What are the lyrics for the song Just give you a reason by Pink?
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Who is number 1 on the music charts?

Just Give Me a Reason by Pink

When did Just give you a reason come out?

Sometime in the 2000s Pink and Fun worked on the project sometime around 2010 or something

Is Pink's brother Joson older or yonger than her?

Pink is an American singer, known for her hits "Get the Party Started" and "Just Give Me a Reason". Her brother Jason is older by a few years.

What is the title of Pink's new song?

As of May 2013, the most recent song released by Pink is 'Just Give Me A Reason'. This song is from the 2012 album 'The Truth About Love', and was released as a single on April 12, 2013.

What are the lyrics to 'Give Me A Reason' by Aswad?

The song's entitled "New Divide" which is why you couldn't find the lyrics. (see related link)

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