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I lay my love at your feet, my dear, and the long years pass as long years do...

Bitter and long; bitter and long!

I lay my love at your feet, my dear, and my rewards were few; very, very few.

I lay my love at your feet my dear, but after all, who am I?

A very little thing, a very small thing, as the world calculates the value of valuable things.

I lay my love at your feet, my dear, and the long years pass as long years do...

Bitter and long; bitter and long!

When one fine day; one fine day you gathered me up!

And your arms were strong and your lips were warm, and I saw a world of which I had never dreamed...

It was a world anew... A bright, lovely world anew!

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Q: What are the lyrics for Reward by John Jacob Niles?
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