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I'd say:

C#, cause you just have to blow [no fingers]

C, because it's the concert tuning note [middle finger, left hand]

G, because it's easy to remember and play, especially if you played another type of sax before, like the Alto [pointer, middle, + ring fingers, left hand]

Generally, G, A, B, C, andC# are the easiest and most commonly used in "basic" music. [B= pointer finger, left hand. A= pointer + middle finger, left hand]

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I would say an F or low B flat in first position

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Q: What are the easiest note of a trombone?
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What is the highest note that the trombone plays?

The highest note on a trombone is the quadruple BbNew q:How do you make a quadruple Bb?

What is a false tone for a trombone?

A false tone is a note that isn't fit into the range of a trombone ( those slots for every note called 'partial'), but some people playing trombone can hit with their lips at just the right tension- very little-. Hope this helped.

What is the name of the note for the tenth position for a trombone?

it only goes to seventh

What is the note name for g sharp on trombone?

You answered your own question.

What is the first note you learn to play on the trombone?

A B flat or and F.

When you push the tuning slide in on your trombone does it make the note sharper or flatter?


What does Sliding a trombone do to the note being played?

its called a gliss and the tone is lowered when it is extended

Where is the a note on the trombone?

2nd position. Don't ever assume that all Trombones are in Bb, & there are lots of A's that can be played in other positions besides 2nd even on a Bb Trombone.

How does sound change when using a slide on a trombone?

When you extend the slide it changes the pich which changes the note

How do you do a negative position on a trombone?

You don't........if you need to make the pitch higher, you buzz a higher note.

How do you use a slide on a trombone?

By extending the slide, you change the overall length of the horn and lower the note.

When a trombone uses a slide to glide seamlessly from one note to another?

I think you mean a glissando.