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Lead Singer/Formal Lead Guitarist: Tyson Ritter

Drummer: Chris Gaylor

Left Guitarist: Nick Wheeler

Right Guitarist: Mike Kennerty

The left and right Guitarists are always in the same place in every concert and music video, sooo yeah..

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Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty, Chris Gaylor :)

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Q: What are the band members names of all American rejects?
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The names of the band members of all American rejects?

Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty, and Chris Gayor

Do the all American rejects have children?

None of the band members have kids.

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Which one of the all American rejects is nike wheeler?

The All American Rejects' Nick Wheeler is the lead guitarist of the band.

Is the band All American Rejects a emo band?

No, they are pop-punk or powerpop.

Who sings all American rejects?

The All-American Rejects are a band not a song but if you mean Who is the lead singer? Then, that would be Tyson Ritter.

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Tyson ritter is the lead vocalist, bassist, and the pianist for the band all-American rejects.