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They are called traffic lights or traffic signals.


*** 2nd Answerer Says: Some parts of the country call them stoplights (as opposed to go-lights or caution-lights) and there is a variation called "blinking lights". "Blinking lights can be blinking red in all four directions to designate a four-way stop or full-stop in two directions & cautionary slow-down (blinking yellow) the other two directions.

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Q: What are the Traffic lights called in American English?
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Should you cross the road without traffic lights?

Crossing the road without traffic lights may or may not be legal, depending on the local law.A zebra crossing does not count as a traffic light, but is a good place to cross the road.Where traffic lights or zebra crossings are readily available (e.g. within a 100m walking distance) it is advisable to use these designated crossings.On small roads without such designations, it is advised that you cross where vehicles will be able to see you and give way to you safely.In all cases when crossing a road, it is best to check the traffic condition before proceeding.

Has DJ Tiesto died?

No, he actually just released some new music. The songs Traffic and Red Lights are available.

Is it a traffic violation to drive home if your head lights go out?

Yes, but only at night!Added: If your vehicle lights go out after dark, you cannot drive the vehicle under any circemstance. Park it until daylight or call a towtruck.

Is the most important consideration in stopping a vehicle A Traffic lights B Friction C The time of day D Open windows?


What do you do if the bus is stopped and has its red lights flashing?

A school bus has the authority to stop traffic with its flashing red lights and stop arm extended. You must stop. However, there is an exception to this whether or not oncoming traffic also has to stop... if there is a center median, only the side that the bus is on has to stop. No, the center lane is not a center median. For instance, if there's a center median on a north-south road and the bus stops with red lights flashing on the southbound side, the northbound can keep going because the center median separates the northbound from the southbound, the center median guards the kids from entering northbound traffic, which is why the northbound wouldn't have to stop.

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Can a traffic light emit light energy?

Yes. That is why they are called traffic lights.

What were traffic lights installed in 1868 in England called?

They were called Semaphores.

What are the disadvantages of the traffic lights?

* The disadvantages of traffic lights r * Traffic lights can cause a chaos on the roads.* Also cause a huge traffic

Are traffic lights an American invention?

the second traffic light was made in America, the first one was made in Europe and exploded

How often do traffic lights burn out?

The new traffic lights are now LED lights and do not ever burn out.

Are traffic lights luminous?

No, because traffic lights are charged, not naturally bright.

Who controls traffic lights?

No one really controlls the traffic lights. A computer system controls the traffic lights, and no humans are involved with controlling the traffic lights day in and day out. It is all automated these days.

What are traffic lights made of?

Traffic lights are made of part metal and part glass.

What are the disadvantages in traffic lights?

people can be colorblind. When the power goes out so do the traffic lights.

How many traffic lights are there in the UK?

As of 2011, there were more than 25,000 sets of traffic lights in the UK. There was a 30 percent increase in traffic lights from 2000 to 2008.

How many traffic lights there are in US?

There is only an estimate of how many traffic lights there are in the U.S. As of the end of 2012 it is estimated that there are over 350,000 traffic lights in the United States.

What are traffic lights used for?

inventor of the traffic light

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