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Guitarists and/or musicians

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Q: What are people who play the guitar called?
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What is a guitar scrathboard for?

This is actually called a pick guard and its purpose is to protect the guitar's finish because when people play the guitar with a pick, they may unintentionally scratch the body of the guitar. Also, it is decorative.

What is the game called that you plug in your electric guitar into and play?

guitar hero?

How do you become a guitar teacher?

learn to play guitar and teach people

Do people play Guitar Hero better with the guitar?

yes people play guitar hero better with the guitar its the whole point of the game and its easier to hit the notes with your fingers and you get a better feel for the game

What guitar does Jared Leto play?

He has a custom made Mcswain guitar called the gryphon

Do people around the world play Guitar Hero?

Yes, many people around the world play Guitar Hero. It has an international following.

Why do people play the guitar?

To score chicks

What people play an electric guitar?


Why did people invent Guitar Hero?

people invented guitar hero to have fun without having to go through learning to play guitar

What is the purpose of the acoustic guitar?

so most people want to play the acoustic guitar

Is there a Guitar Hero Christian Rock Edition?

Well, its not really Guitar Hero, but its like Guitar Hero. Its called Guitar Praise, and you plug the guitar into your computer and play from there.

How many people play the bass guitar?

This is a very broad question and has no real answer. Many many people play the bass guitar, and there is no way of checking how many.