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Grateful Dead followers are known as Deadheads.

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Q: What are grateful dead fans called?
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What band that has fans called deadhead?

The Grateful Dead

Did grateful dead own their own record label?

Yes it was called grateful dead records. It was formed in 1973.

When did Grateful Dead end?

Grateful Dead ended in 1995.

When was Grateful Dead created?

Grateful Dead was created in 1965.

Grateful Dead fans are often seen sporting this?

Stop asking Waja trivia questions. You'll ruin it for all of us.

When was Grateful Dead Archive created?

Grateful Dead Archive was created in 2008.

When was Grateful Dead Records created?

Grateful Dead Records was created in 1973.

When did Grateful Dead Records end?

Grateful Dead Records ended in 1977.

Which member of one direction loves their fans?

they all love their fans. they are so grateful for their fans

What is the duration of The Grateful Dead Movie?

The duration of The Grateful Dead Movie is 2.2 hours.

What is deadheads?

The term originated in the 1960's for followers of the band, The Grateful Dead. New generations of fans are created when the original Deadheads indoctrinate their children. There are many fans active and following the band today.

When was The Grateful Dead - album - created?

The Grateful Dead - album - was created on 1967-03-17.