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Madman Across the Water

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Q: What album is tiny dancer by Elton John on?
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When was Tiny Dancer released?

"Tiny Dancer" is a song by Elton John released in 1972.

In the office What is the song at the end of the dundies episode?

Hey, the song is "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

In the movie almost famous what is the name of the song they sing on the bus?

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

Whats that song that begins with the paino?

Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" (also sung by Tim McGraw)

Which artist's hit song include Crocodile Rock and Tiny Dancer?

Elton John. Answer by S.U.B-Xero

What is the song on the Budweiser commercial super bowl 45?

Tiny Dancer, by Elton John ...

What song did phoebe buffay mix up lyrics to?

"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. She sings it as "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" rather than "Hold me closer, tiny dancer."

What was Elton John's last chart hit?

By himself: Electricity, from Billy Elliot The Musical, released 2005Featuring Elton John: Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer), by Ironik, released in 2009

What was Elton John's last single?

The last single released by and credited directly to Elton John was Calling It Christmas (with Joss Stone), released in 2007, from Elton John's Christmas Party. The last single featuring/involving Elton John was Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) by Ironik feat. Elton John, released in 2009.

What Elton John classic tune is featured in the movie 'Almost Famous'?

Tiny Dancer - according to the Amazon play list for the soundtrack

What is the meaning of Elton Johns tiny dancer?

It is about a man master baiting.

Will Bow Wow record a song with Elton John?

Likely not, but with an experimental artist like Elton John, anything could be possible after his collaboration with artists like 2Pac ["Ghetto Gospel"] and Ironik ["Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)"].