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Tarja Turunen was fired after the End of an Eraconcert through an open letter.

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Q: Was Tarja Turunen fired before or after the End of an Era concert?
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Was Tarja fired before or after End of an Era?

Tarja Turunen was fired through an open letter by the band after End of an Era.

Why Tuomas Holopainen fired Tarja Turunen?

Internal band problems and a lack of communication.

Why did Tarja Turunen leave Nightwish?

Tarja Turunen was fired from Nightwish after their final concert on the Once tour. The letter given to her that terminated her involvement with Nightwish stated that they had not talked for a year, that the band felt that she was being greedy, and that she did not have Nightwish as a priority anymore.Disagreements between the band and her husband also played a factor in her dismissal. A copy of the letter given to her can be found on the Nightwish website, at

Are tarja and tuomas together?

No, Tarja is married to an Argentinian businessman and was never involved with Tuomas, before or after she was fired from Nightwish.

What is Tarja Turunen famous for?

Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli , or better known as Tarja Turunen or Tarja,Is a finnish singer. Better known as the ex-singer of Nightwish. While she is a superstar throughtout the world she is a mega-star in her home country of Finland. Tarja had her first vocal lesson at 15 and has since became a well known oprea metal singer. During 2002 Turunen's mother died from cancer and the song You Would Had Love This was dedicated to her. In 2003 she married a argentine businessman Marcelo Cabuli who also play a part in her dismassal from Nightwish. In 2004 with the realease of the ablum Once Turunen along with Nightwish for the first time ever toured the US. In 2005 after a sold-out concert Turunen was fired via open letter. The letter cited her husband and diva ways as a part of her firing along with no longer having a passion for Nightwish. In 2007 Nightwish released their new album with Dark Passion Play with a pop style vocals a starked contrast for Turnen's oprea vocals. The song Bye Bye Beautiful was written about Turunen while Master Passion Greed was written about her husband. As of 2007 Turunen released her solo album My Winter Storm.DiscographyWith Nightwish:Angels Fall First (1997)Oceanborn (1998)Wishmaster (2000)Over The Hills and Far Away (2001)Century Child (2002)Once (2004)Solo:Henkäys Ikuisuudesta (2006)My Winter Storm (2007)

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Did Tomas holopainen ever love tarja?

Yes, many also believe that this is the real reason that he fired her; he couldn't handle the fact she was with another and hr couldn't have her.Her husband, Marcelo, said that in '03 he and Tarja had to have a conversation with Tuomas to make sure he understands that he has no chance of being with her. In that conversation Tuomas said that "nothing is going to stop his love for Tarja."

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