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Q: Was Mozarts parents were blind
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What was the name of wolfgang amadeus Mozarts parnets?

Mozart's parents are Leopold Mozart, violinist and also composer, and Anna Maria Pertl

What was mozarts parents called?

Prolific classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. His parents were called Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart.

What are Mozarts parents names?

Son of Johann George Mozart (1679-1736), a bookbinder, and his second wife Anna Maria Sulzer (1696-1766).

Who was mozarts mummy?

Mozarts mother's name was Anna Maria

What services does the website WonderBaby offer to parents?

It helps parents with children that are blind or have multiple disabilities. Parents can share their stories and talk about different methods and their success teaching their blind child.

Can parents who are not color blind have a color blind son?

It is possible. There can be traits transferred from the grand-parents or great-grandparents which come up in the childs generation.

Who was Mozarts inspiration?

His dad

Where did the Mozarts live?


Who is mozarts father?

Leopold Mozart

What are some of mozarts important events?


What was Mozarts native language?


What has the author Johannes Dalchow written?

Johannes Dalchow has written: 'W. A. Mozarts Krankheiten' 'W.A. Mozart' 'Mozarts Tod: 1791-1971'