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Kurt's hair was dark brown when he was an adult and he was a child his hair was blond. He dyed his haired red for the first half of 1992 until Frances was born.

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Q: Was Kurt Cobain born with red hair or blonde hair?
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Did Kurt cobain have brown hair?

Yes Kurt had brown hair when he was born but it quickly changed to blond

How did Kurt cobain dye his hair?

He dyed it with kool-aid

Why did Kurt Cobain dye his hair?

Because he felt like it, and he could. Not by necessity, he was his healthy natural blond by the time he bit the bullet at the ripe old age of 27. Fun fact: during Courtney's pregnancy with Frances Bean Cobain, she wanted to dye her hair but was advised not to so Kurt had his hair a deep, unnatural red until Frances was born. After the birth of their daughter, Courtney went to the red color and Kurt back to his natural hair. Of course he dyed his hair in multiple other occasions, but I think this one was the sweetest.

Did Kurt Cobain play any gigs when he had red hair?

He had red hair during Courtney's pregnancy.

Did Kurt cobain dye his hair with kool aid?

Yes. A few times when his hair was red and purple.

What was the name of the haircut Kurt cobain had?

I don't think he named any of his hair cuts.

What concert did Kurt Cobain play with his red hair?

I dunno at what concerts, but he had red hair at 1992 i think, but it was short period when he had it.

Why did Kurt Cobain hate Axl Rose?

Kurt Cobain hated Axl Rose, because Axl was a jerk to people and he believed everything Kurt was against. Axl hated Kurt, because Nirvana basically destroyed hair bands like Guns 'n Roses.

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If you were not born with blonde hair then you can't get it naturally.

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blonde is not a real color but actually a hair color. people use the word blonde as a slang word for "yellow hair". Blonde is a true hair colour. I was born blonde & both my children were also born blonde.

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There is a 50% chance that your baby will have blond hair.

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