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Q: Was Jackson Browne in blue oyster cult?
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Who created Godzilla?

Blue Oyster Cult. The track title is actually just Godzilla.

Are the band called the cult and Blue Oyster Cult the same?


Who sings Godzilla?

'Blue Oyster Cult' did 'Godzilla'

80's band with Blue in the Name?

Blue Oyster Cult

Who sings don't fear the reaper?

The song '(Don't Fear) The Reaper' is by an American rock band called Blue Oyster Cult. I appears on their album 'Agents of Fortune' which was released in 1976.

Who is the current bassist of blue oyster cult?

Rudy Sarzo

Does blue oyster cult sing ballroom blitz?

yes but Sweet made it famous. So, there is a very rare chance that you'll hear the original by Blue Oyster Cult.

Who did blue oyster cult team up with on the back and blue tour?

It is Black Sabbath

Who has Blue Oyster Cult's publishing rights?

Sony/ATV publishing.

What music genre is Blue Oyster Cult?

It is impossible to answer, they do a lot of stuff

What actors and actresses appeared in Black and Blue - 1981?

The cast of Black and Blue - 1981 includes: Vinny Appice as Himself (Black Sabbath) Eric Bloom as Himself (Blue Oyster Cult) Albert Bouchard as Himself (Blue Oyster Cult) Joe Bouchard as Himself (Blue Oyster Cult) Geezer Butler as Himself (Black Sabbath) Tony Iommi as Himself (Black Sabbath) Ronnie James Dio as Himself (Black Sabbath) Allen Lanier as Himself (Blue Oyster Cult) Geoff Nicholls as Himself (Black Sabbath) Julie Robb as Susie Donald Roeser as Himself (Blue Oyster Cult) Black Sabbath as Themselves Ari Satlin as Young Johnny

Is Blue oyster cult still performing?

Yes, they are still performing and touring.