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Archery was cool hip and swinging and possibly down with the kids.

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Q: Tudor archery facts
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What are facts about a Tudor Christmas?

how long did the tudor celebrate christmas for

What is King Edward Tudor fact file?

King Edward was a Tudor, and a fact file is a file of facts. So King Edward Tudor fact file, is a file full of facts about King Edward.

Facts about the Tudor monarchs?

Henry hade 6 wifes

Henry vii facts?

Facts about King Henry VII include that he was the first monarch in the House of Tudor. He had seven children and one wife and won his right to be King in battle.

Facts about latimer and ridley?

latimer and ridley were 2 bishops from the Tudor reign but they were also protestants. Martyrs, Commited Heresy, Heretics.

What are facts about Tudor King Edward VI?

He had his own whipping boy he was henryviii son he was a young king 15 and he was gay ha ha ha ha

Facts about the battle of bosworth?

The Battle of Bosworth was fought on August 22, 1485. It ended the reign of Richard III and led to Henry Tudor becoming Henry VII.

What are facts about the Tudor period?

Hello, i only have 2 but they will do i hope x henry VIII enjoyed jousting ans Queen Mary 1 Killed about 300 people!

What are facts about martin luther tudor times?

he was a monk, he was born approximately in 1483, he was German, he protested against the Pope and was a protestant, he studied at the university of Witteberg in Germany. Hope this helps! :)

Facts about Henry the 7th?

Henry VII was the first tudor monarch, he married Elizabeth of york and they had 8 children, four of which survived. He was crowned on 22nd of August 1485and during his reign brought weath and prosperity to England.

What are some facts about Philip II of Spain?

He was married to Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary). He was a Catholic. When Elizabeth (Mary's sister) was on the throne he tried to make England a catholic country again. He was in charge of the Spanish Armada (against Elizabeth).

What are facts about archery?

The archers initials must be engraved on each arrow while shooting USA Archery Tournaments, but not necessary for hunting or practice. Archery is Bhutan's national sport; nearly every village has an archery range. In individual events an archer is allowed up to 40 seconds to fire each arrow. Bows were used nearly 25,000 years ago, mainly for war, but now for target and hunting. Archery was in the Olympics in 1900, discontinued in 1924, and reintroduced in 1972 in the Munich Olympics. The average field target for an archer is multi-colored. Not all arrows are wood! Some are aluminum and most are carbon fiber, which is strong and light. Archers can fire arrows up to 150mph *non-composite bow* at the targets 70 meters away. Your dominant hand may not be the same side as your dominant eye; archers should shoot according to their dominant eye.

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