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Q: Johnny cash's favorite singer
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What is johnny cashs dads name?

Ray Cash

What was johnny cashs sons name?

John Carter Cash

What is johnny cashs moms name?

Carrie Cloveree Rivers

What are all the people from cash cashs names?

Jean Makhlouf is the lead singer. Alex Makhlouf and Sam Frisch

What is johnny cashs most famous song?

here comes that rainbow again by Kris kristofferson

What was johnny cashs last song?

I'd be willing to bet his last recording released commercially was his cover of Nine Inch Nails "Hurt"

What were jonny cashs brothers called?

Yes, but the brother died in an accident when Johnny was a child.

What are some of johnny cashs failures in life?

The majority of Johnny's problems were caused by alcohol and drugs. After his career began, his first marriage came to an end. It seems the press was very unkind to his wife, as they printed stories that she was black. Then, there was the night Johnny was on the stage at the Grand Ole Orpy. He was filled with so much booze and pills he went crazy. He yelled and cussed at the audience, and stomped out the footlights on the Opry Stage. Needless to say, they threw Johnny out, and he would not return for a long period of time. The only thing that saved Johnny was was the country artist and his second wife, June Carter Cash. June only agreed to marry Johnny if he would get himself straightened out the right way. June was married to country singer Carl Smith, which was also an alcoholic and caused many problems for June. They finally divorced. Johnny and June were very good for each other, and through the years they built a strong and loving relationship that would last forever.

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