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hes not legally married

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Q: Is the rapper fat joe married?
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Who is dating rapper rick ross?

fat joe

What is the name of Fat Joe's club in Miami?

Rapper and producer Fat Joe does not currently own a night club in Miami. He does do occasional appearances at various nightclubs in that area.

What nationality is fat joe the rapper?

Fat Joe is half Puerto Rican, half Cuban.

Is Fat Joe Married if so how many kids?

yes he is married and has 1 kid with her!! 2 kids and not married

Is fat joe dating anyone?

he is married. His wife is named Lorena. Google it!

When did Fat Pat - rapper - die?

Fat Pat - rapper - died on 1998-02-03.

When was Fat Pat - rapper - born?

Fat Pat - rapper - was born on 1970-12-04.

Is the rapper mystical married?

no, he is not married

When was Acid Reflex created?

Acid Reflex is an album by American rapper Fat Joe, released in 2008.

What caused fat joe to die?

Fat Joe is not dead.

Do plies the rapper have a grilfriend?

no he's married no he's married

Who is Bèyonce married to?

she is married to the rapper/mogul Jay-Z.