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This is a close one to call. Sea salt is technically a limited resource, as new salt isn't being created. However:

1- There is so much salt in the sea that you could effectively think of it as an unlimited resource.

2- As part of the water cycle, rainwater runs back into the sea via rivers etc.. When it re-enters the sea, it is carrying a variety of soluble compounds it has leached out of the ground. These include salt.

3- When we use sea salt (which is mainly used for cooking, as it's not seen as useful for too many other purposes), it isn't gone for good. When it goes into people or animals, it eventually comes out again. At this point, see item 2 above.

So... Sea salt is a resource that is unlimited in practical terms, is topped up from other areas, and is recycled through natural processes. Whether this makes it renewable is down to how you want to argue the point.

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Q: Is sea salt a renewable resource?
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