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yes joe perry is her dad

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Katie Perry;s Dad is Kieth Hudson
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Q: Is Katy Perry related to Steve perry or joe perry?
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Is Katy Perry related to Steve Perry?

no Katy perry is not related to Steve perry

Are the Perry's related to Steve Perry?

Actually, Yes. Bradley Steven Perry related to Katy Perry.

Are Steve perry and luke perry related?

Well Some may think that and some think Luke Perry is Related to Katy Perry But Katy Perry changed her name. I dont know about Steven Perry but thats all

Is the perry band related to Stephen perry?

The Band Perry is not related to the Steve Perry who was with the 80s band Journey. They are related to Dr. Charles Stephen "Steve" Perry, a pediatrician from Greeneville, TN. That Steve Perry is their dad. Their mother's name is Marie Perry. They are originally from Mississippi and now live in Greeneville. They are also not related to Katy Perry or Matthew Perry.

Is Katy Perry and Steven Perry related?

no they are not related because Katy Perry is a fake name

Is Steve perry katty perry's dad?

As interesting as that might be, no, Steve Perry and Katy Perry are completely unrelated.

Is Katy Perry the daughter of Steve perry?

No, they are not related. Perry isn't even her real last name. It's Hudson. Perry is her mother's maiden name.

Who is last name is Perry?

Katy Perry, Matthew Perry, Steve Perry as far as I know. :)

Are Katy Perry and Luke Perry related?

No, they are not related because Katy Perry's real last name is Hudson.

Is Emma Perry related to Katy Perry?


Is bradely Perry related to Katy Perry?


Is perry the platypus related to Katy Perry?

No because Katy Perry isn't part animal.

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