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Q: How young of a girl will Niall Horan date right now?
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How young does Niall Horan date?

Niall would no younger than 14

How young would Niall Horan date a girl?

fourteen .

How young will Niall Horan from One Direction date a girl?

1999 so 13 or 14

Would Niall Horan date a Mormon?

I doubt Niall Horan cares much about the religion of those he dates, although I think a good question to ask is 'Should a Mormon date Niall Horan?'

Would Niall Horan date a 11 yr old?

No, Niall Horan wouldn't date anyone under the age of 17, possibly even 18. Eleven is way too young for any of the members of One Direction anyway

Did Niall Horan date Amelia lily?


Did Liam Payne and Niall Horan Date?


Who does Niall Horan date?

No one. He is single

Would Niall Horan dare you a 12 year old?

would Niall horan date a 12 year old

Would Niall Horan date you if you were 14 and he was 22?

if your 18+ he might but 14 is too young for someone over 18

Would Niall Horan date a Mexican girl?


Who does Niall Horan like to date?

tikya clevevland